How do I add a GIF to the Always On Display on my Galaxy S9/ S9+?

The Always On Display (AOD) feature allows you to keep a part of the screen on even during sleep mode.

With Galaxy S9/ S9+, you can set a preloaded GIF file or animated file from the Gallery on an AOD.

1 Open ‘Settings’ and then select ‘Lock screen and security’.
Lock screen and security function
2 Slide the switch to activate the ‘Always on Display’ function and then tap ‘Clock and FaceWidgets’ beneath.
Activate Always On Display
3 Tap ‘Clock style’.
Clock style function
4 Select ‘Always on Display’. If you want to use a preloaded GIF, tap ‘Add GIF’ and select the file. If you want to use a GIF that is already in the mobile Gallery, tap ‘+’.
Aff preloaded GIF or select GIF from mobile Gallery
5 Select the GIF in Gallery.
Preloaded GIFs
6 Tap ‘Apply’.
Apply the GIF

Please note: If GIF’s playtime is under 5 seconds, the file will be played twice automatically.  

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