How do I take a photo with the S Pen?

Thanks to the S Pen you can forget about running back into the frame after setting the timer on the camera or squeezing into the image due to lack of space.


The S Pen is connected to your device via Bluetooth and can work as a remote control camera trigger from up to 10m away.

Use S Pen to take photo

Please note: This feature is available on the Galaxy Note9 and Galaxy Note10/Note10+. Availability and design might vary depending on the model type and operating system installed.

Activate the S Pen remote control

To use your S Pen as a remote control and take photos with it, you first need to activate this function in the settings of your Galaxy Note.


You can find out how to activate the S Pen remote control and customise the app to be activated when holding down the S Pen button in our FAQ What is the S Pen and how do I use it?

Take photos from a distance on your Galaxy Note with your S Pen

1 Open Camera app.
2 Take the S Pen out from your device.
3 Set the phone at a distance.
4 Place yourself nicely in the frame.
5 Press the S Pen button once to snap a picture.
6 Press the S Pen button twice to switch between front or rear camera.

Please note: The S Pen might lose its connection if extracted and inactive for some time. If this happens, re-insert the S Pen into the phone to reconnect.

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