How do I use the Multi Window features of my Samsung Galaxy Note II GT-N71000 handset?


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Be creative, be different! Write and draw with the enhanced pressure-sensitive S Pen. You can view content on a large 5.5" high-definition Super AMOLED screen, and also express yourself by using  specially-designed S Pen apps. Enjoy true multi-tasking in the palm of your hand!






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 How do I access and use the Multi Window feature with my S Pen? anchor 


1. From the home (or main) screen, select and hold down the back Back button.

2. This  will open the multi window on the left-hand side of the display screen.

3. Select (tap on), hold down and drag on the icon bar with either the S Pen or your finger, to view the available list of apps available within Multi Window.

4. Select and hold down on the required icon.

5. Then drag this icon over to the main part of the display screen.

6. Once the icon is on the main, remove your finger or the S Pen. The application will then open.


. The Multi Window will minimise if not used within approximately 5 seconds.


7 To open another window, tap the semi-circular shaped tab that appears in the middle of the icon bar. Drag this to view list of features and apps that can be used with the multi window.

8. For example, use the multi window to select S Note. From the icon bar, drag the S Note icon over to main screen.


. You will need to decide whether you wish the app to open in either the top or bottom half of your display screen.


Then release the icon in that screen section.


9. The S Note app will open in the lower half of the screen, for example. Select the     icon to create a note.

10. The Note template (- a pop-up screen) will appear. Select a template to create your note file with.

11. With the S Note app open in one half of the screen, you can for example, browse the internet within the other half. To access other features whilst browsing and creating your note file, select and hold down on the separator bar  grey bar which separates both windows.

12. You can select (tap on) the Switch Position    icon to swap both windows on the display screen.

13. You can change the size of one display window by pressing and dragging the separator bar  grey bar up and down as required.

14. If you select the full  Full Switch icon, this will result in the active app (i.e. app you are currently using) to be displayed within a full screen window.


. If you require the option to move between full and multi (half) view screen, then just adjust the position of the separator bar  grey separator bar.


Using the full switch icon, will hide the inactive app. To access this once more, close down the current application.




Where can I purchase a new S Pen for my Galaxy Note handset? anchor 



You can purchase a replacement S Pen, as well as other Samsung products and accessories from here*

*Samsung Direct is the official online store for Samsung in the United Kingdom, operated by CEMOBIT.




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