How to hide the camera cutout on the Galaxy Fold 5G

Each individual app has its own settings for the full screen display. Depending on the app, the camera notch may cover part of the screen. If you're watching a video or using an app where it's important to see the full picture, you can hide the camera cutout so that a black bar is shown at the top of the main screen, preventing the app from being covered.

Please note: when turned on, this feature will be applied to all apps, preventing individual app settings

1 Open your Settings app
How to hide the camera notch
2 Tap Display
How to hide the camera notch
3 Tap Full screen apps
How to hide the camera notch
4 Tap the options icon. It will appear as three dots in the upper right of the screen
How to hide the camera notch
5 Tap Advanced settings
How to hide the camera notch
6 Tap Hide camera cutout
How to hide the camera notch

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