I'm having trouble connecting a speaker to the multiroom app

If you are having difficulty connecting a speaker, work through the below troubleshooting steps to try find the source of the problem.


1. Wi-Fi


Your smartphone must be connected to your Wi-Fi network. Make sure that your Wi-Fi router is powered on and that your smartphone or tablet is connecting to the network successfully.


If you have an older router, this may affect your audio experience as the reduced bandwidth and Wi-Fi reach may be reduced.


2. Is the software up-to-date on your smartphone or tablet?


If the software is out-of-date on your smartphone or tablet, it may not connect properly. Fixes for known issues are rolled out via software updates. Always make sure you have the most up-to-date software on your device. Click here to view steps showing you how to update the software on your device.


3. Is the firmware on your speakers up-to-date?


You can update the firmware on your speakers via the multi-room app. Click here to view steps showing you how to update the firmware via the app.


4. Is your speaker beeping? Or are you having difficulty updating software via the app?


If you have an M-series speaker, press and hold the mute button on your speaker. Note that you may need to connect the speaker to your network to with the provided Ethernet cable first. The icons on top of the speaker will flash signifying that the unit is updating. This may take up to ten minutes.


You can also update the firmware on your speakers using a USB stick.  To update via USB:

1. Go to Samsung.com and find the support page for your specific model (or see the bottom of this article to find links to these pages for popular speakers)

2. Click Downloads & Manuals

3. Under Software find the most recent firmware for your speaker. You will also find an Install Guide under this section. Note that you may need to tap View More to see all the downloads in this area.


5. Check your router


Generally consumer grade networking routers allow 32 unique devices to function on each bandwidth but some ISPs limit this to as few as six. If you have tried updating your software and everything else is working, it may be worth checking the details of your network connection with your Internet Service Provider.


Does your home router have an automatic band switching feature? If your mobile, speakers or CPU drop out or lose connectivity this could be because of switching causing momentary data transfer pauses. Check the router's manufacturer instructions and see if you can switch off Automatic Switching Mode.


6. Re-setting the Multiroom System


If you have ruled out all other problems, you may wish to consider re-setting your speakers or multi-room system. The below video will show you how to do this:




You can find more support, firmware downloads, and the manual for your speaker on its support page:


R7 Wireless 360° Multiroom Speaker

R6 Wireless 360° Multiroom Speaker

R5 Wireless 360 Multiroom Speaker    

R3 Wireless 360 Multiroom Speaker

R1 Wireless 360 Multiroom Speaker


M7 Large Wireless Audio Multiroom Speaker

M5 Medium Wireless Audio Multiroom Speaker

M3 Small Wireless Audio Multiroom Speaker


WAM-270 Link Mate

Wireless Audio Multiroom Hub


HW-J8500R/J8501R 65" Curved Wireless Multiroom Soundbar

HW-J7500/J7501R 55" Curved Wireless Multiroom Soundbar

HW-J6001R 49" Curved Wireless Soundbar

HW-J6500R 49" Curved Wireless Multiroom Soundbar


HW-K950 Wireless Soundbar

HW-H750 Wireless Multiroom Soundbar with built-in Valve Amplifier

HW-K651 Wireless Multiroom Soundbar with Centre Speaker

HW-K550 Wireless Soundbar with Centre Speaker

HW-K450 Wireless Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer

HW-K360 Wireless Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer

HW-J355 Wireless Soundbar with Wired Subwoofer


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