PlanetFirst: Earth as our priority

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Eco-management Value System

Samsung Electronics laid the foundations for Eco-management as a philosophy for the 21st century in the Samsung Environmental Declaration in 1992. Since then, we have gone beyond mere passive adherence to environmental regulations and laws. We have put Eco-management into action, offering our customers eco-friendly solutions and leading the way to a sustainable future. A healthy environment is essential to our future.

Philosophy : We contribute to the preservation of human life and the global environment through business practice that respects people and nature. Vision : We provide new sustainable experiences to customers through innovative environmentally conscious products and technologies and lead the sustainable future of the global society “PlanetFirst” : A slogan that expresses our commitment to corporate social responsibility and sustainability management through business practices that prioritizes environment protection. The circular shape of the logo stands for the earth and a new beginning, and the green and blue colors represent a fertile earth and water that will last generations

Climate Action

Climate change affects every part of the world.
Through greenhouse gas reductions and related initiatives, our climate change response is focused on change for a sustainable, green future.

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Environmentally Conscious Products

Electronics can be made more environmentally conscious.
At Samsung Electronics, we consider the environment when developing all of our products, starting with the planning phase.
We strive to use advanced technology to make life more convenient and eco-inspired.

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Resource Efficiency

The Earth’s limited resources need to be conserved, used longer, and recycled.
Samsung Electronics is continuing its research to maximise resource efficiency.

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Environmentally Conscious Worksites

The worksites where products are made are not exempt from environmental concerns.
Humans and nature coexist at Samsung Electronics’ environmentally conscious worksites.

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Data for Environment

Samsung Electronics publishes its environmental policies and performance transparently.
To preserve the environment, Eco-management takes into account even the smallest voices, making communication and engagement open to all.

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