Case Study

Samsung partners with NoBrokerHood in digital transformation of residential societies

Feb 22. 2021
No Broker Hood Society Maintenance App

NoBrokerHood is a Society Maintenance and Visitor Management app launched by NoBroker. It was launched with the aim of making life in residential societies easy and secure by helping them digitise their operations. They found an affordable automation partner in Samsung with its Galaxy M01 smartphone to run the various features of their app such as Visitor Management, Guard Patrolling, Health Tracker, Payment Gateway for contactless rent and maintenance payments, Intercom Calling, Guard Talkie, and SOS button.


• Capturing and updating data of hundreds of visitors on a register and then updating it on to a PC was an everyday hassle, especially in low-light conditions

• Night patrolling data that was recorded by the security guard on a register was prone to human errors

• There was no efficient way to register data of how many times the boom barrier was lifted, and how many vehicles entered the society

• Authenticating and allowing entry to frequent visitors was a time-consuming task

• Registers, pens, other stationary items and a common PC for data entry increased common touch points during the time of pandemic


• Galaxy M01 smartphone along with NoBrokerHood app was provided to security guards for capturing visitor data easily and efficiently

• Galaxy M01 with Guard Patrolling feature on NoBrokerHood app was provided to security guards to register night patrolling data

• Galaxy M01 smartphone became instrumental in the recording of the boom barrier lifting

• Galaxy M01 helped in screening and scanning frequent visitors using bio-metric device attached with it or with its in-built facial detection camera

• Galaxy M01 along with the NoBrokerHood login was provided to security guards to enable contact-less entry of visitor data


• Hence, data capturing became easy through NoBrokerHood app on Galaxy M01

• As a result, Galaxy M01's better accuracy of GPS helped in capturing accurate and tamper-proof night patrolling data along with the coordinates of the route and the timestamps

• Therefore, security guards were easily able to capture the vehicle data both during the broad daylight and low-light conditions

• Hence, entry to frequent visitor wait time was reduced significantly using easy and secured authentication

• Thus, contact-less capturing of visitor data enabled the societies to minimise risk during pandemic