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AKG N700NC Headphones AKG N700NC Headphones

Hear what you want to hear — and nothing else

The N700 brings studio-quality sound to your ears. Whether you’re listening to a book or taking a call on the street, control your sound with the push of a button.

AKG N700NC - Active Noise Cancellation AKG N700NC - Active Noise Cancellation

Active Noise Cancellation

Filter out background noise with Active Noise Cancellation, and let in only the sounds you need with Ambient Aware technology. With the N700, you have control over your sound, whether you’re jogging to your favorite playlist or listening to podcasts on your commute.

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AKG Y500 Headphones AKG Y500 Headphones

Lose yourself with the best-in-class

The sleek design and functionality of the Y500 series offers the next level of listening with more control and fluidity for an optimum experience.

AKG Y500 - Battery & Speed Charge AKG Y500 - Battery & Speed Charge

Battery and speed charge

Enjoy up to 33 hours of the music that inspires your day. With a quick 5-minute recharge, you can keep the music going for an additional hour.1

AKG Y500 - Better Paring & Control AKG Y500 - Better Paring & Control

Better pairing and control

Multi-Point Connectivity pairs two Bluetooth devices at once and intuitively switches between those devices while the universal one-button remote cable lets you control both your music and your calls with ease.

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AKG Y100 Earphones AKG Y100 Earphones

Clean, crisp sound wherever you are

The wireless AKG Y100 earphones bring you crisp, clean sound with a weightless design allowing you to get lost in pure sound.

Multi-point connectivity

Conveniently pair two Bluetooth devices at once and your headphones will intuitively switch between devices for a seamless experience.

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AKG N200 Wireless Earphone AKG N200 Wireless Earphone

Perfection in portability

At the intersection of premium sound and premium design, you'll find wireless AKG N200. With durable fabric cables that stay untangled and an 8-hour battery with fast charging, your headphones are designed for the long haul.

Sleek and durable design

With premium metal magnetic buds and striking fabric cables, the N200 headphones maintain a durable yet sleek aesthetic. Sturdy cord design and resistance to tangling make it ideal for storage.

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1Actual battery life and charging times may vary and depend on usage conditions.