A. Samsung Mobile Care extends the warranty of your Samsung mobile phone by an additional year. With this plan, you would be able to enjoy the same services offered during the warranty for an additional year. All technical and mechanical failure of the handset will be covered under this plan. However, accidental damage to the mobile phone due to neglect, improper handling, tampering or fire/water damage and any other damage due to misuse is not covered under this plan.

A. Mobile Care can be purchased from Samsung Smart Cafe, Samsung Smart Plaza. Click here to find the outlet closest to you.

A. Mobile Care can only be purchased during the standard warranty period of the phone and should be registered before the expiry of the standard warranty period. Activation of mobile phone using SIM Card before registration is mandatory.

A. The purchase of Mobile Care alone will not extend your warranty. For you to avail services under this plan, you are required to register the mobile against the certificate number provided with the plan at https://www.samsung.com/in/support/your-service/main/. To register, click on the register button provided on the page. Activation of mobile phone using SIM Card before registration is mandatory.

A. Extended warranty starts immediately after expiry of standard warranty and will be be valid for 1 year.

A. Please use the eligibility check on Samsung My Galaxy App or visit the closest Samsung Smart Cafe or please call us on

A. For servicing your phone during the extended warranty period, you should go to the nearest Samsung Service Centre. To know the closest service centre, please visit the nearest Samsung store or please call us on

A. Samsung’s warranty obligations under Mobile Care is only limited to the mobile handset. The accessories provided with the handset like battery, charger, data cable, head phones, memory card, stylus, or any other aesthetic accessories provided in the pack are not covered.

A. No. Mobile Care is only available for phones purchased in India.

A. Sorry, there is no refund policy for Mobile Care and hence no refund is possible.

A. To avail services during the extended warranty period, registration of Mobile Care is mandatory before expiry of standard warranty.

A. No, Mobile Care cannot be purchased for refurbished phones.

A. Please Call us on . We will assist you.

A. Your registration confirmation mail is the only proof that you require to avail service from the service centre.

A. Yes, you can get service from any Samsung authorized service centre in the country.