Samsung Pay mini - Overview Samsung Pay mini - Overview

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Samsung Pay mini?

Samsung Pay mini offers you the ability to make payments to merchants or transfer money to your friends using wallets and bank accounts (UPI) using your device.

How does Samsung Pay mini work?

Samsung Pay mini uses your device security capabilities and integrating with popular wallet partners and UPI allows you to make quick, easy payments.

What devices are compatible with Samsung Pay mini in India?

Samsung Pay mini supports J7 Max, J7 Prime, J7 2016 devices. Other models will soon follow.

What payment instruments can I add in Samsung Pay mini?

You can add bank accounts registered with your phone number using UPI and wallets like Paytm, Mobikwik etc to Samsung Pay mini.

What is different between Samsung Pay and Samsung Pay mini?

Samsung Pay and Samsung Pay mini are services that utilize the best of your device capabilities to make payments easier and simpler for you. Samsung Pay in addition to capabilities offered in mini, uses device NFC/MST capabilities to allow offline payments with your credit/debit cards. For more information please check:

Can I use Samsung Pay and Samsung Pay mini simultaneously?

Yes, you can use both the services simultaneously, though certain features can be active in only one device at a time.

Can I add cards in to Samsung Pay mini?

Samsung Pay mini currently does not support your credit and debit cards. We are working to bring this capability to your devices.

Can I make in-store payments using Samsung Pay mini?

Yes, you can use your wallets or bank accounts to Scan QR code or transfer to their phone number or payment address of merchant.

Can I make online payments using Samsung Pay mini?

Online payments can be made at all merchants which accept UPI or wallet based payments. Use your payment address or phone number to initiate payment.

How can I install Samsung Pay mini?

Samsung Pay comes with the latest android software version in your eligible devices.

What is required to use Samsung Pay mini?

Upgrade your eligible device software to the latest android version to find Samsung Pay icon in your apps folder. You need to register to start using the service.

How should I setup Samsung Pay mini?

1. Registration on Samsung Pay mini is a onetime Activity.
2. Launch Samsung Pay by tapping Samsung Pay mini icon on your device.
3. Sign In with your Samsung Account ID and Password.
4. If you don't have a Samsung Account ID then "Sign Up" using instructions on the screen.
5. If you device supports Fingerprint, you will be asked to setup/user Fingerprints.
6. Apart from Fingerprint, you can set up Samsung Pay Pin for payment Authentication.
7. Now you are ready for adding your bank accounts and wallets.

How to use Samsung Pay mini?

You can launch Samsung Pay mini by swiping up from lock screen or home screen to quickly access your favorite cards. You can swipe left or right to access all your favorite bank accounts and wallets.

Do I need an active internet connection to use Samsung Pay mini?

Yes, most of the payments happen only when you are connected to internet. However you can use your wallet show code capabilities to make offline payments.

How can track my purhcases in Samsung Pay mini?

You can find your previous transactions in the details page of your accounts. If you face any issue here, you can raise a query in app for UPI or contact bank/wallet directly.

What should I do if I lost my device?

You can block all you added accounts using FindMyMobile (FMM) service any time.

Is it free to use?

Samsung Pay mini is free to use.

Will data price be charged to use Samsung Pay mini?

Regular data charges apply for Samsung Pay mini. Contact your network provider for more information.

Does it work in Ultra Power Save mode?

No. Samsung Pay mini does not work in ultra power save mode.

Does Samsung Pay mini information remain even after device format?

After your device format, no information is remains on your device.

Is Samsung Pay mini secure?

Samsung Pay mini uses device security Knox features to protect your information and enable transactions securely.

Can I use Samsung Pay mini with routed device?

Samsung Pay mini uses device Knox security features, so Samsung Pay mini does not work on rooted devices.

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