We asked you to join #IndiaReadyAction programme and make videos breaking age-old stereotypes about India. You did just that. We saw great videos about food, culture, places and entertainment, that break stereotypes the world holds about India. Let’s explore these videos showcasing the Real India to the world.

Real India, Real Winners

We got several videos from multiple Indian cities, across varying themes, that showcase the Real India to the world. The top entries have been recognized for their efforts.

Keep it going

The #IndiaReadyAction Programme has broken a lot of stereotypes about India but we’re just getting started. Keep the movement alive, keep shooting and sharing videos that break stereotypes about India.

  • Pick a theme
    to shoot a video

    Choose a stereotype
    within the theme. Shoot a video
    breaking the stereotype.

  • Upload your video
    on Instagram

    Tag it with @Samsungindia,
    #IndiaReadyAction, #Your City (Delhi),
    #Your Theme (Food)

  • Share with
    the world

    Share your stereotype-breaking
    video showcasing Real India to
    the world.

Video Creation Tips Make your videos truly cutting-edge and social media friendly.

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