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Size : 2m 08cm (82")

Samsung e-store

Price : ₹13,79,400.00

Size : 1m 89cm (75")

Samsung e-store

Price : ₹9,40,500.00

Real 8K Resolution

Real 8K Resolution*

Maximised picture quality Feel the power of ultimate clarity with 33 million pixels, a resolution four times that of 4K UHD TV. Flat scenes morph into vividly defined content as QLED 8K creates convincing visual cues for depth, just the way our eyes see gradients of light, colour, texture and brightness in real conditions.

8K AI Upscaling#

Redefined images and sound The powerful intelligence of our Quantum Processer upscales various types of sources and resolutions into 8K through machine learning. AI Upscaling creates flawless textures, realistic edges and reduces noise.

8K AI Upscaling
100% Colour Volume

Colour Volume^

Finest picture ever Samsung's Quantum Dot Technology provides true colors in 8K definition and with 100% colour volume it brings all shades of colour to life.

Direct Full Array

The new level of ultimate contrast Direct Full Array delivers our deepest contrast for outstanding picture quality. Precise Backlight Zoning Control creates an intense black level, delivering unimaginable depth.

Direct Full Array

*QLED televisions can produce 100% Color Volume in the DCI-P3 color space, the format for most cinema screens and HDR movies for television.
#Uses an AI-created formula.
^100% Color Volume is VDE certified. Kindly refer to www.samsung.com/in/tvs/qled-tv/highlights/ for actual compatibility/ detailed specs. Product features, prices and specifications are subject to changes without prior notice. Products, features, images shown above are for representation purpose only. Actual may vary.