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Best mobility Solutions by Samsung for Safe India Best mobility Solutions by Samsung for Safe India
Samsung supports the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways’ efforts to make Indian roads safer. As testimony to this support, Samsung has introduced mobility apps - S bike mode, Car Mode & Walk Mode, that encourage responsible mobility. This film is an attempt to remind citizens about the dangers of using mobile phone while on the move.

Facts and figures

  • Best approach to decrease Road accidents

    Road accidents claim one life in India
    every 4 minutes*

    Source: *Ministry of Road Transport & Highways
  • Samsung's approach to prevent Selfie deaths

    India accounts for more than 50%
    of the total selfie deaths^ in the world.

    Source: ^Researchers at Precog@IIIT Delhi

Making India safe
with responsible mobility solutions

Samsung S bike mode

S bike mode

Ride tension free on the road

Best Car Mode in samsung mobiles
Car Mode

Car Mode

Stay safe yet connected

Latest Walk Mode in India by Samsung

Walk Mode

Stay safe at every step