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S bike mode yallow

Latest S Bike Mode Latest S Bike Mode

Ride tension free on the road

A peaceful ride is often spoiled by unwanted phone calls. The S bike mode is a feature, which once activated, notifies the rider of an urgent incoming call while he’s riding his bike. If the call is urgent, the caller can press 1 and the call will get through. So all the rider needs to do is just simply tap the S bike icon and enjoy a hassle free ride.

Car Mode

Latest Car mode in Samsung Mobiles Latest Car mode in Samsung Mobiles
Car Mode

Stay safe yet connected

Mobile phone usage is a serious distraction when it comes to safe driving. The Car Mode is designed for distraction-free and safe usage of smartphones while driving. What’s more, it reads out messages for you, allows you to access your favorite playlists, navigation and much more through distraction-free touch and voice interactions. It also has a 'Do Not Disturb' feature so that you can drive safe and stay connected at the same time.

Walk Mode Yallow

Latest Walk Mode by Samsung Latest Walk Mode by Samsung
Walk Mode

Stay safe at every step

Looking at your mobile phone screen while walking can cause serious accidents or injuries. The Walk Mode is designed to detect and alert you when you are using your device while walking.

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