Terms & Conditions - Galaxy S7 edge and S7 - Instant Cashback & Buy back Offer Terms & Conditions - Galaxy S7 edge and S7 - Instant Cashback & Buy back Offer

Terms and Conditions(August 2017)

For Instant Cash back Offer on Galaxy S7|S7 Edge, please visit https://shop.samsung.com/in/mobiles-wearables/mobiles/galaxy-s-7.html or nearest Samsung store.

Galaxy S7 edge|S7 Instant Cashback & Buy back Offer

Terms & Conditions Apply: Offer valid in Pan India during 1st to 31st Aug, 2017.

#Instant Cashback offer – Any customer purchasing Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge during the Offer period whether with or without the Buyback Offer will be eligible for an Instant Cashback of INR 8,000 on Galaxy S7 Edge and INR 4,000 on Galaxy S7.

*Buyback Offer – The Buyback offer is available on exchange of any smartphone and such other models as acceptable to the retailer. Buyback Offer is applicable on smartphones which are in working condition with necessary accessories. The maximum exchange price is upto INR 12,000 depending upon the condition of the phone. The exchange price shall be at the sole discretion of the retailer. Customer shall provide the necessary undertakings and documents as required by the retailer for the said buyback / exchange. Please consult the retailer for detailed terms and conditions. This Buyback Offer is provided solely at the retailer’s discretion. Samsung disclaims any and all claims in respect of the same. Under no circumstances shall Samsung and/or its affiliates and/or their directors, officers, agents or employees be held responsible for any part of the Buyback Offer. Products are also available without the above offers. All Offers are subject to change without prior notice.