1. How can I unlock the vouchers?
  2. To unlock the vouchers, download the Samsung Shop App. Register with your contact details and vouchers will be visible under the section “20K Advantage”.

  3. My vouchers are not visible on the Desktop/MSite?
  4. The vouchers are visible only for registered user of the Samsung Shop App.

  5. How may Vouchers do I get?
  6. Each registered Shop App users get 10N Vouchers across different categories.

  7. Till when is the Voucher Valid?
  8. Voucher once generated are valid for a period of 1 year.

  9. Can I get more than 1 voucher for a category?
  10. Only 1 voucher can be availed for each of the categories.

  11. Can I share my voucher with my friend?
  12. The voucher can only be used by the App user who has generated it. It will not be applicable if tried to redeem from other accounts.

  13. Why is my voucher not working?
  14. Some reasons because of which the voucher may not be working are as follows:

    • We run special certain sales from time to time. The 20K Advantage may not be applicable during such times.
    • Certain models are not included under 20K Advantage.

    Please read the T&C for more details.