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Stay up-to-date with the latest software and enjoy better performance with improved functionality.

  • Upgrade Samsung Smartphones

    OS upgrade and new features experience

  • Upgrade Samsung Smartphones

    Improved performance and stability

  • Upgrade Samsung Smartphones

    Fixed bugs and errors

Please follow the simple steps as below to update your device

Upgrade Samsung Smartphones

To find your Android version on your device, go to:
Settings > About Device > Software Info > Android Version

  • On your phone Upgrade Samsung SmartphonesFollow the path below to install update on your phone:
    Settings > About Device > Download updates (Manually/Automatically on Wi-Fi)
  • At Samsung Cafe Upgrade Samsung SmartphonesClick here to locate the nearest Samsung Café
  • At Service Center Upgrade Samsung SmartphonesClick here to locate the nearest Samsung Service Center
  • On your laptop/PC Upgrade Samsung SmartphonesClick here to download Samsung Kies on your laptop/PC

Frequently asked questions

Upgrade Samsung SmartphonesKey differences between old UDS version (UDS 1.0) and new UDS version (UDS 2.0)

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Upgrade Samsung SmartphonesWhat is the compression upload feature?

This feature offers users to compress images before sending them via native or 3rd party messengers Formats supported: .jpeg, .png?$ORIGIN_PNG$, .Webp
Please note: All 3rd party messengers does not support Compression upload feature

Upgrade Samsung SmartphonesWhy Video App not present in Applications?

In this new implementation of Marshmallow OS, videos can be viewed directly from Gallery

Upgrade Samsung SmartphonesWhy Video calling menu not present in Ultra Power Saving Mode?

This is new implementation from Android Marshmallow OS

Upgrade Samsung SmartphonesWhat is FRP?

FRP (Factory Reset Protection) is new implementation from google after binary flash you have to enter google account which was enter before binary flash otherwise you cannot use device. Before flashing Binary, please remove google account or full reset phone

Upgrade Samsung SmartphonesWhy Google Account Option not visible if we unlock the Forgot Pattern Lock?

This is new implementation from Android Marshmallow OS

Upgrade Samsung SmartphonesWhat is Forced Upload? How to enable it?

Forced Upload mode shall be used in cases to capture logs/dumps for software R&D analysis (when a hang occurs, deep sleep mode occurs and Issue case where you need to capture it) Procedure:
a. You can enable Forced Upload mode by key pressing: Volume Down (Keep the volume keys pressed until the upload mode comes) + Power Key twice
b. If your device is locked up and you try as above, you can enable Forced upload mode Hardware reset. It is the same method with Forced upload mode by pressing same key combination

Upgrade Samsung SmartphonesWhy FM gets switched off while opening camera apps?

This is new UX upgrade for Lollipop upgrade models. FM will get off when we open camera.

Upgrade Samsung SmartphonesWhy am I able to open camera even in 1% battery?

Previous concept was that user would be unable to open camera at 5% or lower battery level. However, the new concept has been changed after Noble DS to 0%. User can now open camera at 5% or lower battery level as well. However, Flash light will only work at above 5% battery level.

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