Why sometimes Camera LCD screen does not switch on?

Last Update date : Oct 27. 2020

You may encounter a situation when your Samsung compact camera LCD screen gets blank or black when you have your camera in the Camera mode or Play mode.




To determine if this is the case refer below :


● Press the Menu button to see if the LCD screen can display the OSD (On Screen Display). 

● Set your camera to Play mode, and then see if the LCD screen displays a picture. 

● To eliminate the possibility of a user setting causing the problem, put the unit into Auto mode by rotating the dial on the units exterior to Auto Mode.


NOTE : The word "Auto" appears on the screen when this mode is activated. 


● If putting the camera into Auto mode does not resolve the problem, test the unit in Play mode. If the unit operates normally in Play mode, but the screen in Camera mode is blank, your camera requires service.

NOTE : Because your camera has an automatic LCD display shutdown feature, its normal for the LCD to stop displaying when the camera has been on for along period of time. This feature prolongs battery life.




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