How to set up Color Tone, Color Control generally in samsung monitor?

Last Update Date : Apr 19. 2018


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You may adjust Color Tone and Color Control by below mentioned process :

a). Color Tone : (Not available in MagicColor mode of Full and Intelligent.)

The tone of the color can be changed, and one of four modes can be selected: Cool, Normal, Warm and Custom.

  • Press Menu.

Press Menu.

  • Press Enter.
  • Select Color by using Up and down.
  • Press Enter.
  • Select Color Tone by using Up and down.

Select one in four modes.

Cool- Makes whites bluish.

Normal- Keeps whites white.

Warm- Makes whites reddish.

Custom- Select this mode when you want to adjust the image according to your preferences.

Select one of the four Color Tone modes.



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b). Setting up Color Control

Adjusts individual Red, Green, Blue color balance.

  • Press Menu.
  • Press Enter.
  • Navigate to Color by using Up and down.
  • Press Enter. source button and select color
  • Select  and change the values of Red or Green or Blue by using Up and down.
  • Press Enter.
  • Adjusting Green, Blue, Red level and press menu to go back to main menu.

NOTE : The product color, shape and OSD may vary depending on the model.