Using 'Twist Ice Tray' in Samsung Refrigerator(RT2534SACBX)

Last Update date : Oct 13. 2020



Making Ice :

a. Fill the tray up to 80% with water level.

b. Place the ice tray in the top freezer drawer.

c. Wait until the ice cubes are formed.

d. Twist the ice tray slightly to take out the ice cubes.


Freezing time :

It is recommended that you wait about 1-2 hours after setting MAX of Freezer or COLDEST of temperature control the ice cubes to form.


Caution :


● The coldest parts of the Refrigerator in the super-freezer zone. This is the best place to store delicate foodstuffs.

● Glass bottles containing liquids should never be stored in the freezer as the glass can shatter when the contents freeze.

● Cracking of Ice storage bin : Please do not pour water directly in Ice storage bin, Else it will be cracked or broken.

● Freezing Freezer Room : Please do not pore water directly in Ice maker in freezer room, As if can be overflowed and freeze in freezer room.

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