What is Ceramic Heater in Front Load Washing Machines?

Last Update date : Oct 13. 2020






● Heaters are used in Washing machines to generally increase the temperature of water that will be used for the washing purpose. As you can see in the picture above , there is a calcium build up around the  conventional heater that is used in washing machines other than Samsung. This generally decreases the efficiency of the Washing Machine.


● Clothing styles may come and go, but the Samsung's durable ceramic heater means that your washer will be around to clean clothes for years to come.


Benefit of Samsung's Ceramic heaters :


● Ceramic heaters prevent calcium compound build-up, which absorbs more electricity. And conventional heaters require the use of special detergents to dissolve away these calcium compounds. In addition, the quick-heating ability of ceramic heaters also increases energy efficiency, translating into cost savings on your next electricity bill.


● Ceramic Heater is three times more durable as regular heaters. That saves you money on repairs. No scale build-up due to hard water. Saves energy and time while heating the water.


● Double Coating, Triple Durability Samsung washing machines have incorporated a double ceramic coating, unlike conventional heaters, providing heaters that are less porous and susceptible to hard water scale build-up. As a result of this innovation, not only are heaters protected from the build-up of water scale deposit, but the durability of your washing machine is tripled.

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