Why Loud Noise is coming from the Samsung Split Air-Conditioner?

Last Update Date : Mar 24. 2018

Some of the reasons why Loud Noise comes from the Air-Conditioner are : 

● Vibration noise resulted from dirty indoor fan coil/ outdoor condenser.

● Noisy draft resulted from dirty indoor fan coil.

● Loose mounting of component in the air conditioning system.

● Faulty parts in the air conditioning system.

● Additionally you might sometimes hear water flowing noise from the AC. This noise can be heard predominantly after switching on/off the air conditioner. This noise is caused by the flow of refrigerant around the unit and is a normal operating noise. The air conditioner is in a perfectly fine condition.

Why Loud Noise is coming from the Samsung Split Air-Conditioner?

Fixing the problem :

If the Air conditioning units get very noisy or vibrate badly, then you can follow these useful tips to get rid of same :


Check Fan Blades(Outdoor unit) : If the fan blades gets chipped, bent, or damaged, it may give rise to vibrations because of improper alignment. You can get these blades replaced or properly aligned to overcome the problem.The picture of a fan blade is shown below:

Why Loud Noise is coming from the Samsung Split Air-Conditioner?

Inspect for Foreign Objects : See if any foreign objects have fallen inside the unit. Switch off the unit, take away the grill, and check if there are any such objects. If anything is found, remove it and this will get rid of the noise.


Vibrations Due to Improper Installation : If there's any problem with installation of AC, there are possibilities of vibrations arising due to the unit having moved on its base. In such a case, you should call the technicians who installed it, and ask them to fix the problem or re-do the installation on your own.


Lack of Lubrication : If the fan motor is not lubricated properly, it will cause loud shreking or groaning noises. Switch off the unit and lubricate the motor.


Issues with Front Grill : Vibrations may also be caused if the locking system of front grill is damaged. You may have to replace badly damaged ones, or try to get them repaired, if the extent of damage isn't too high.

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