Why Noise is coming from the Washing Machine?

Last Update Date : Mar 21. 2018

Rattling Noise :

The quickest and easiest way to solve the problem is to put foam insulation sleeves onto them and refasten them securely.


Chattering Noise :

If pipes chatter when you turn on certain faucets, replace the faucet washers.




Hammering Noise :

● A very common pipe noise called “water hammer” is the banging sound that may occur when water rushes through pipes and hits a quick-closing valve, such as the type inside a toilet or washing machine.

● Normally a home’s plumbing system is designed with short lengths of pipe that fill up with air to cushion the water as it comes to a quick stop, but the air can eventually leak out.

● To solve water hammer, recharge the water supply system with air to help cushion the water’s flow when it reaches faucets.
● If the problem continues, you can buy a “water hammer arrester” that attaches to the supply valve or pipe that serves the offending fixture. If this doesn’t work, call a plumber. 

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