How to enable Nearby device sharing in Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo(GT-I9060)?

Last Update date : Oct 12. 2020



IMPORTANT When you turn on File sharing, any device connected to the same Wi-Fi access point may be able to access and view the content you decide to share. This includes public Wi-Fi access points you may use at a coffee shop or a hotel. It is recommended that you turn off File sharing when it is not in use. 


a). Tap on Apps icon as shown below.




b). Now hold and swipe the Application screen towards left and then tap on Settings icon as shown below.


.     . 




c). Now tap on Nearby devices to share your media files via DLNA.




d). To start sharing your device multimedia files via DLNA tap on the check box next to File sharing option.




e). File sharing is now enabled.




● Tap Shared contents and mark the media you want to share with other devices.

● Tap Allowed devices list to view devices you have approved access for. You can approve access for up to 10 devices. To remove access for a device, mark the device's checkbox and touch Delete. 

● Tap Not-allowed devices list to view devices you have rejected access for. If you decide you want to approve a device, mark the device's checkbox and touch Delete. The next time the device is in range, you will receive an access request again. Touch OK to approve access.

● Tap Download to and select the preferred storage location for media you download from other devices.

● Tap Upload from other devices to select how your device should handle requests to upload content from a remote device. Choose from Always accept, Always ask (default), or Always reject. 

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