Samsung Galaxy Mobile: Why audio stops shortly after entering power saving mode?

Last Update date : Sep 18. 2020


Concept has been changed according to the Pie OS concept. If the music application is set to the app sleep mode or the app's background activity is restricted, it will stop after 1 minute after switching to the background.  This concept applies equally to ‘Voice recorder’ and ‘FM radio’. 


There are 2 ways to remove the restriction of background activity.


Please follow the steps listed below: 


Method 1: 

1 Navigate to app screen Tap Settings
2 Tap Apps
3 Select application what you want to remove restriction For example : Tap Melon
4 Tap Battery
5 Tap Allow background activity
6 Tap Remove


Method 2: 

1 Launch Device care app and Tap Battery
2 Tap Settings
3 Tap Sleeping apps
4 Tap Remove
5 Select app and Tap Remove


Note: This content is applicable for S9, S9+ and Note 9 with PI- BETA OS.

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