Samsung Mobile: Speaker not working

Last Update date : Oct 29. 2020

Please Note:

  • This content is created for Indian variant devices.
  • Steps and Images may vary according to Operating System.
Remove Accessories

Disconnect headphone or any other connected device.


Remove cover, protective film or any other accessory.

Disable 'Mute all sound' option

Steps to disable 'Mute all' sound option:


1. Navigate to apps screen and tap on Settings


2. Tap on Accessibility


3. Tap on Hearing enhancements


4. Disable Mute all sounds (if enabled)

Check in Safe mode

Kindly check the speaker in Safe Mode

If speaker is working in safe mode then issue is with downloaded applications. Kindly uninstall these applications and check microphone in Normal mode (exit safe mode).

  • Within Safe Mode you'll be able to test lot of different issues.
  • You can use Safe Mode to keep an eye on your battery life or mobile data usage.
  • If your device is continuously booting in Safe Mode, it could be due to faulty Volume Down button. To repair, Please visit our Authorized Service Center.
Reset device

Please check post  resetting your device. 

Note:- If issue still persists , then visit Samsung authorized service center

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