What all Rear Camera modes available in Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+(SM-G928G)?

Last Update date : Oct 14. 2020

Your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ comes with various Rear camera modes for the perfect shot. On rear camera state, there are 9 preloaded mode Auto, Pro, Selective focus, Panorama, Video collage, Live Broadcast, Slow motion, Fast motion and Virtual shot.








 Take the best possible pictures by setting the device to

 adjust the exposure and color of pictures automatically.


 Adjust the ISO sensitivity exposure value, white balance,

 focal length, and color tone manually while taking pictures.

 Selective focus

 Change the focus of pictures after they have been taken.

 You can focus on subjects near to the camera, far away

 from the camera, or both.


 Create a linear panorama by taking consecutive pictures

 in either ahorizontal or vertical direction.

 Video collage

 Create your own short collages and slow motion videos

 without any editing tools. You can easily share created

 videos viayour social network accounts.

 Live Broadcast

 Broadcast videos on YouTube and share the link with

 your friends so they can watch it live.

 Slow motion

 Record videos at a high frame rate for viewing in slow

 motion. You can play a specific section of each video

 in slow motion after recording it.

 Fast motion

 Record videos for viewing in fast motion. You can play

 a specific section of each video in fast motion after

 recording it.

 Virtual shot

 Create multi-directional views of objects.




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