What is Air Command feature in Samsung Galaxy Note4(SM-N910)?

Last Update date : Oct 14. 2020

The Air Command feature allows you to quickly access various functions and features of the Samsung Galaxy Note4 (SM-N910) by pressing the S Pen button while hovering the S Pen over the screen.

When hovering your pen anywhere on the screen except over media content, the attach button, or the add recipients button , press the S Pen button to display a list of available pen features and choose one from the four options shown below :


1. Action Memo : You can write a memo quickly and link actions to them (You can make calls, send messages, search the web, and more).
2. Smart select: Collect content quickly via Smart select command.
3. Image clip: You can draw around an area of the screen you want to save or share.
4. Screen Write: Capture, edit, and write memos on screenshots, then Share them with screen write command.

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