Know about the advantage of VG-STC 3000 over VG-STC 2000 Samsung TV camera.

Last Update Date : Mar 23. 2018

Samsung introduced a TV camera accessory VG-STC3000, the Samsung VG-STC3000 TV camera allows you to stay in touch with friends and family by using the Skype app on your Samsung Smart television. Simply plug in the camera into your television using the USB cable included with the camera and you will be able to enjoy Skype and other web camera applications within seconds. The camera is powered by the cable too, so it's just one connection to do it all.




 ( Samsung VG-STC3000 TV camera )


 Below listed are the compatible products of VG-STC3000 over VG-STC2000 :



Model Name



Compatible LED TV

 2013 Models: F4500, F5300,

 F5400, F5500, F5700,

 F6200 ~ F6900, F7100, F7200


 2012 Models: EH4500,

 EH5300, EH5450, ES5500,

 ES7100, ES5700~ES6900

 (Except ES6003)

 2012 Models: EH4500, EH5300,

 EH5450, ES5500, ES5700,

 ES6100, ES6300, ES6400,

 ES6500, ES6700, ES6800,

 ES6900, ES7100

 2011 Models: D6500 and
 above (32"and above)


Compatible Plasma TV

 2013 Models: F5500 


 2012 Models: E550, E6500,

 2012 Models: E550, E6900,


 2011 Models: D8000




 Below listed are the comparison between VG-STC3000 & VG-STC2000 :



Model Name




 H.264 Base Line Profile


Maximum Resolution

 1280 x 720

 1280 x 720

Myself Frame Per Seconds



Myself Resolution

 640 x 480

 640 x 480 (H.264)


 5.0 Mpixels

 1.0 Mpixels

Digital zoom


 Yes (3x)


 4 Plastic

 3 Plastic

Real FOV

(Field of View)

 65.5° (Horizontal)

 45 (Horizontal) 29.5 (Vertical)

Tilting Angle

 10º ~ -30º

 0º ~ -30º


NOTE : These cameras can only be connected to Samsung TV.

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