What are the Functions available while Watching Video in Samsung H Series TV?

Last Update Date : Jul 18. 2018

You can press ENTER to access the following buttons. Pressing RETURN hides the playback buttons.




● Pause / Play :
Pause or play the video. When the video is paused, you can use the following functions. However, audio will not be heard while the video is paused. 
Step: Press . to scan the paused video one frame at a time. 

Slow Motion: Select the . button to play the video at reduced speed (1/8, 1/4, 1/2).

● Rewind / Fast Forward :
Rewind or fast forward the video. Repeatedly select the button to make the rewind/fast forward speed faster by up to 3 times. To restore normal playback speed, select ..

● Previous / Next :
Select . twice to play the previous video. Selecting . once reloads the current video from the beginning. To play the next video, select the . button.


● Settings :





 Select Scene

 Thumbnails: Select a scene and play the video from the scene.

 NOTE : Thumbnails is not available when 1) the thumbnail of the

 video is not extracted yet, 2) the video contains audio only or 3)

 the video play time is shorter than 60 seconds.

 Chapter Titles: Select and play another video in the same folder.
 Time Bar: You can use the . , .  buttons to scan through the

 video in 1-minute intervals or enter a specific time value to jump

 to that point in the video.


 Control the subtitle of the video.
 Language: Turn the subtitles on or off.
 Sync: When the video and the subtitles are not synchronized,

 you can adjust the synchronization. 
 Reset Sync: Reset the subtitle synchronization adjustment to 0. 
 Size: Choose the font size for the subtitles.
 Encoding: If the subtitles are broken, you can change the

 encoding language.


 Set the repeat mode. Repeat One repeats the current programme

 only. Repeat All repeats all programmes contained in the folder.


 Rotate the video.

Picture Size 

 Change the picture size. However, the supported picture size is

 determined by the video content.

 Picture Mode

 Change the Picture Mode setting.

 Sound Mode

 Change the Sound Mode setting.

 Select Speakers

 Choose a speaker to play the audio.

 Audio language

 Choose a desired audio language. This option works only when the

 video supports multi-track sound.


 View detailed information about the video.


NOTE : Actual options may vary depending on model to model.

Last Updated on: 03/06/2014

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