What are the LA46M81B LCD TV Features?

Last Update Date : Apr 16. 2018

The trend-setting new series of SAMSUNG LCD TVs bring you the finest picture quality ever offered (1080p Full HD) in a beautiful, sophisticated and elegant design.


1080p full HD


1080p full HD


SAMSUNG 1080p full HD is the highest resolution you can get in a TV display. The SAMSUNG 1,920x1080 p full HD display gives you 1.5 times more scanning lines than conventional HD, so that you can experience more detail, depth, and clarity in images.
Blu-ray, HD DVD and 3D games played in 1080p full HD mode and SD/HD video sources scale up to 1080p output – so you can enjoy images with true-to-life colours and extraordinary detail.


Wide Colour Enhancer


wide colour enhancer


With SAMSUNG wide colour enhancer, you can see the colours that are weakened in the standard LCD TVs. You can now experience the beauty of a blue summer sky and the fresh green of the grass in the spring.


High Dynamic Contrast Ratio


high dynamic contrast ratio


SAMSUNG new LCD TVs offer you a cleaner, more dramatic picture viewing experience. The super high dynamic contrast ratio produces whiter whites and blacker blacks, so that you can enjoy a crisper image with greater detail.


Anynet + (HDMI-CEC)


anynet + (HDMI-CEC)


With SAMSUNG proprietary anynet+ (HDMI-CEC) HDMI (CEC enabled) A/V devices. When you connect A/V devices like a blu-ray disc player, AV receiver or a home theatre with HDMI cable, you can control all of them with a click of single remote control.


HDMI 1.3


HDMI 1.3


With faster transfer speeds, HDMI 1.3 lets you enjoy softer picture quality, superior contrast ratio and quicker response time while playing 3D games.






The M8 can be optimised for gaming at the touch of a button. With the game mode turned on, the contrast in dark areas is amplified, the bass sound enriched, and the response time to game console movement is shortened, which creates the best environment to enjoy fast-moving video games.


Super Clear Panel


super clear panel


SAMSUNG super clear panel cutting edge technology combines with the 1080p Full HD resolution to provide you with the most pitch-black colour ever. Blacks never appear dull. Instead, they reveal fantastic detail in every scene. It also delivers outstanding clarity by enhancing the colour reproduction levels and by boosting the contrast ratio even in bright viewing surroundings.


Movie Plus


movie plus


You can enjoy fast action without judder you that find on standard LCD TVs. The films and videos are shot at 24, 25 or 30 frames per seconds, but TVs use more frames. Conventional TVs insert two or three identical frames that causes judder with fast action. Whereas, SAMSUNG movie plus calculates the motion component of the incoming video signal and alters the action to create new frames without judder effect.


178º Wide Viewing Angle


178?wide viewing angle


Wherever the TV is located, SAMSUNG S-PVA panels provide enhanced picture quality from every angle. With a 178º wide viewing angle, you can see a clear, sharp picture, horizontally and vertically, from any position in the room.


HDMI Connectivity


HDMI connectivity


When you connect A/V devices like a blu-ray disc player, AV receiver or a home theatre with HDMI cable, you can control all of them with a click of single remote control.


Swivel Stand

The ingenious swivel stand offers you the ultimate flexibility to position the TV in your house as per your requirements.


 swivel stand


Auto wall mount


auto wall mount


With the convenient auto wall mount, you can move your SAMSUNG LCD TV up to 20 inches away from the wall, left or right, to let you watch from other locations in the room. It also angles the TV down by15 inches, so you can change your viewing position from sofa to floor.

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