What is Sports Mode in Samsung F Series SMART TV?

Last Update date : Oct 13. 2020

With the Samsung F Series TV, you can watch sports not only at your convenience but also in the best way there is. The Sports Mode allows you to incorporate fantastic features and a shortcut to activate them all at once. Enhance picture and sound for your benefit, and watch every hit and goal with super clarity. The sound quality ensures that the atmosphere in your living room is as electric as in the stadium.

What is Sports Mode in Samsung F Series SMART TV?

More about Sports Mode in Samsung SMART TV :

● Sports Mode is available under Smart Feature of Samsung F Series TV.

● Both Sound and Picture quality can be improved with Sports Mode.

● It's a best way to enjoy your favorite sports with truely immersive entertainment experience.

● Sports Mode makes your sports more lively and dynamic.

CLICK HERE to know how to enable Sports Mode in Samsung F Series TV.  

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