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Introducing our most complete television technology ever, QLED.

AVS Forum review

AVS Forum

"The Samsung Q950TS is an awesome TV that applies state-of-the-art technology to every aspect of your TV experience."

6th Jan. 2020

Forbes review


"It even fits all this picture progress inside a truly revolutionary design."

24th Mar. 2020

HD GURU review


"75Q800T produced excellent dark shadow detail via the local zone dimming control."

9th Mar. 2020

Techaeris review


"It really does make this QLED TV look as if it's floating in front of you"

11th Mar. 2020

Watching beyond all boundaries

Real 8K resolution with Quantum Processor 8K

Feel the power of every frame with 33 million pixels at ultimate clarity with a resolution four times the resolution of 4K. Quantum Processor 8K ensures you always feel the full power of 8K, no matter the source quality of the original content.

* Viewing experience may vary according to types of content and format.
Samsung QLED TV is showing vivid and detailed image with real 8K resolution picture quality using Quantum Processor 8K.
A simulated illustration of Quantum Processor 8K’s AI upscaling process plays on the screen of QLED TV shown from a semi-side angle view. The illustration shows a low-resolution image of an abstract color pattern being enhanced with additional pixels and eventually upscaled to 8K resolution with QLED TV's Quantum Processor 8K.
Take a look at the technology behind Samsung QLED's superior picture quality
· What is QLED TV?
· Quantum Processor 8K
· Color Volume 100% with Quantum Dot
· Quantum HDR 32x
· Direct Full Array 32x

Sound innovations redefined


QLED TV's speakers sync in harmony with your Samsung soundbar. Connect and enjoy a masterfully integrated surround sound experience that includes your soundbar's front, side, and up-firing speakers, and is even further enhanced by the two high-positioned locations of your TV's top speakers.

* Feature availability varies by model.
* This feature requires a Q-Symphony compatible Samsung Soundbar.
The scene which the orchestra is playing music is showing that Samsung QLED TV speakers sync with Samsung soundbar and implement more enriched surround orchestra sounds called Q symphony.
A simulated comparison of QLED 2020 Q-Symphony audio technology shows two identical living room environments side-by-side, each with a man sitting in front of a QLED TV and soundbar. On the left side, Q-Symphony audio is turned OFF and the sound comes from only the soundbar. On the right side, Q-Symphony is turned ON and in addition to the soundbar, sound also plays from the top two corners of the QLED TV, resulting in a more immersive audio experience.
Discover the brand-new sound your ears have been waiting for
· Object Tracking Sound+
· Active Voice Amplifier
· Adaptive Sound+
· Q-Symphony

Minimalistic design, down to the basics

Infinity Screen

Push your viewing experience to the limit with a nearly-invisible bezel. Black edges are shrunk to almost nothing, and an ultra slim frame
removes any distractions so you can get a more immersive viewing experience.

There is QLED TV in the middle of the mountain landscape. Samsung QLED is showing the mountain on the screen, blocking the real mountain. However, the minimal design of QLED with almost borderless tv bezel called infinity screen, it is showing a natural scene without a sense of incompatibility.
See how QLED is designed for you
· Infinity Screen
· Ultra Slim Design
· Ambient Mode+
· No Gap Wall-Mount
· One invisible Connection

More ways to enjoy TV

Smart TV powered by TIZEN

Enjoy more content with more ways to control,
connect and use.

* Service may not be launched at the same time as QLED,
and the availability may vary by region.
Samsung QLED TV is showing Smart Hub, Samsung Smart TV platform, on the screen. Smart TV powered by TIZEN logo is under the TV.
See how QLED makes your life easy
· Smart Hub & One Remote Control
· Universal Guide
· Multi View
· Multiple Voice Assistants
· SmartThings Dashboard

Which QLED TV is right for you?

Various Samsung QLED TV models, including Q60T, Q70T, Q800T, and Q950T, are showing clear picture quality.