The proprietary innovation
behind Samsung QLED

Right Perspective view of Samsung's latest TV, the 2019 new Samsung QLED Q900R with a clear city view onscreen on TV.
A vibrant cityscape shows up on the display of a Samsung new QLED TV, followed by a quick movement to the inside of the display itself, showing the pixel makeup. As the view moves towards the inside of the TV screen the Quantum dot layer displaying vibrant colors is shown, while the backlight layer further inside is shown, controlling the scene on TV screen. Moving even further inside the TV the Quantum Processor engine is shown controlling the entire process, after which the scene quickly moves back outside to show the outside of the 2019 new QLED TV, ending with the QLED logo and finally the Samsung logo.

8K reality with pixel-less imagery

8K Resolution

QLED 8K delivers 16 times the resolution of Full HD, weaving 33 million pixels into a canvas of utmost clarity on a super big screen,
transforming flat images into a profoundly deeper experience.

A Samsung new QLED TV displaying an image of a city beginning with 2K then filling out into 8k resolution, delivering real picture quality through a big screen tv.

8K AI Upscaling

The powerful intelligence of Samsung’s Quantum Processor 8K upscales various types of sources and resolutions into 8K through machine learning. AI Upscaling creates flawless textures, realistic edges and reduces noise.

A 2019 Samsung QLED TV with AI upscaling technology showing optimized picture quality for three parts of an image of city near a beach on the screen.

* Uses an AI-created formula
* Viewing experience may vary according to types of content and format. It may not apply to PC connection, and certain conditions of Ambient Mode and Game.

The intelligent engine behind QLED technology

Quantum Processor 8K
Samsung’s intelligent processor powers your display to create a truly adaptive experience. Screen brightness and TV sound control optimizes itself to any viewing condition and content scene by scene in real time.

2019 QLED TV's new Quantum Processor is placed against a background depicting QLED's innovative technology based on machine learning.

The unseen revealed
with a wider range of brightness

Quantum HDR

Quantum HDR optimizes each scene with its varying HDR expressions. From the deepest of blacks to the brightest of whites,
you’ll see all the subtleties the director created in HDR-mastered content.

A 2019 Samsung QLED TV with Quantum HDR for clearer picture enhancement displays a photo of a city on a river. A rotation of photos includes a landscape of the riverside city with bright lights, a colorful nightscape, and a close-up of the city's night lights. Each images get optimized as the HDR range is extended to Quantum HDR. As the rotation of photos progresses, each image is assessed and adjusted for color and clarity to create optimal image quality.

Refined backlight control

Direct Full Array

QLED analyzes each area scene by scene, controlling the backlight in each zone precisely to add depth and detail. The result is deeper blacks, less light blooming and, ultimately, a more profound depth of detail.

A 2019 Samsung QLED TV with the motion of yellow and blue lights using direct full array backlights to form a clear contrast.

A billion colors realized
with Quantum Dots

Color Volume 100% by Quantum Dot

QLED uses Samsung’s exclusive Quantum Dot technology to express real colors at 100% color volume. Samsung's nano-sized Quantum Dots are the finely tuned particles that turn light into the billion plus colors you experience on new QLED.

A new QLED TV with quantum dot technology showing a colorful image of a city with perfect deep color volume.

Wider viewing seats

Ultra Viewing Angle

QLED presents an expanded viewing angle made possible by two special layers. They minimize leakage by focusing the light in the right direction and spreading it uniformly across the panel. Enjoy the brilliant colors at every angle.

A 2019 QLED TV with two special layers providing an ultra viewing angle, giving enjoyment through amazing image quality from all angles and lighting.

Adaptive Sound

Scenic Analysis

2019 QLED analyzes each scene to identify and render the sound type. The process begins by separating and classifying audio input signals. Key characteristics are then pulled out and rendered to best suit the scene.

Scenes displaying the news, a concert, and the ambience of a lively sporting event are shown through visual sound waveforms, demonstrating how the 2019 new Samsung QLED TV provides optimized sound for all video content.

* Upscales to 8K Resolution (7,680H x 4,320V/33.2 megapixels). Native 8k content based on current 8K streaming, connectivity and decoding standards. Future and certain third party standards not guaranteed and may require additional device/adapter purchase. Complimentary HDMI 8K 60A upgrade included (contact customer support).
* QLED has received verification from world-class testing and certification association, Verband Deutscher Elektrotechniker (VDE), for its ability to produce 100 percent colour volume
* QLED : Samsung QLED is Quantum dot based TV.
* The peak brightness may vary depending on the model and size of the TV.
* The certification may vary by model.
* The Magic Screen background setting feature may vary depending on the environment where the TV is installed including, but not limited to, wall designs, patterns, and/or colours.
* Images are simulated and for illustration purposes only. The appearance and design specifications which is not affecting to product performance are subject to change without notice
* Please refer to the product detail page for each model.