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How to take the perfect selfie

Good lighting, a big smile, and a Galaxy S9 are all key for how to take the perfect selfie.

Did you know you’re doing your selfie all wrong? From perfect lighting to capturing just the right light, here’s our ultimate list of selfie tips. So pucker up—because we’ve got new selfie-royalty in town

Selfies taken on the Galaxy S9 with Morgan, Cheesemonger

RIP to the selfie stick

While we used to carry awkward sticks (or—gasp!—ask strangers) to take the perfect selfie, Samsung has come up with several ingenious ways to take selfies with voice command, gestures and more. Watch the video to find out how

You’ll love your selfie with smize.


The art of “smizing” can make or break your selfie. This alluring look is best captured when you tilt your chin down slightly, focus on the point right above the lens of the camera phone, and squint just a little. Voila—your selfie just got a whole lot fiercer

Props like sunglasses are one of the easiest selfie tips.

Prop play encouraged

If your selfies are starting to look stale, revive your feed by bringing some props into play. Get your pooch to pose alongside you, hold someone’s baby, or bring your bestie into the photo. Here’s a cool selfie idea: have a friend grab a pair of reflective sunglasses (mirrored work best), get up close enough to see yourself in the reflection, and snap away. So #artsy

Selfie Focus and Beauty Mode on the Samsung Galaxy J Series

The key to looking flawless

For those of us who aren’t masters of FaceTune, features like Samsung’s Beauty Mode change the game. Available on Galaxy devices, you can use it to amp up the colour and lighting of your shot (because good lighting is key) and raise the smooth level for perfectly flawless skin. Check out the video above to see the step-by-step

Selfie Sunday must-haves

These tools will help put your best face forward, every time

Galaxy S9 | S9+

Galaxy S9 | S9+

Samsung S Pen

S Pen

Samsung Memory Card

Memory Card

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