Quantum dot display

Even in brightly-lit rooms, you see the world the way
it is on the SUHD TV’s Quantum dot
Advanced Quantum dot technology delivers a
billion-hued spectrum that gives you
scenes full of color. The SUHD TV has a peak brightness
of 1,000 nits which is
equivalent to the brightness of
1,000 candles. When compared to conventional displays
brings out 10 times more detail in both the darkest
shadows and the whitest clouds.
Ultra Black reduces
reflection and glare. And being cadmium-free, it’s also

Samsung curved TV creates the most realistic and accurate color of beautiful landscape.

HDR 1000

Life lives in the details and that’s exactly what the
SUHD TV provides with its High Dynamic Range.

Delivering a peak brightness of up to 1,000 nits -
hence the HDR 1000 tag - you’re able
to see the
whitest whites and blackest of blacks. And even
in the most well-lit rooms,
you’re able to see clearly
all the detailed nuances a scene has to offer.
the heat of a sun-drenched sidewalk to the chills
from noticing movement in the thick darkness
the night, it all feels too real on the SUHD TV.

HDR 100
HDR 1000
Stunningly bright landscape and the superbly detailed rocks and flowers.
Stunningly bright landscape and the superbly detailed rocks and flowers.

What is

Watch the video to find out
how HDR works and why
HDR 1000 matters.

Quantum dot color

The world we see on our TVs should be as colorful
as the world around us. Quantum dot displays

deliver the range and precision in color to make
that happen. Using tiny Quantum dot particles
as a
light source, a billion different color combinations
are created to express
the most realistic images on
SUHD TVs’ 10-bit panels. That’s 64 times more color
than conventional 8-bit panel TVs, and a
whole lot more life than what you’re used to seeing

on the screen at home.

video for Quantum dot color

What is
Quantum dot color

Watch the video to see how Quantum dots

create such precise and pure colors.

Ultra Black

Most of the time we spend watching TV is either
during the day or with
the lights on. And during those
times we’ve had to put up with reflections
on the
screen which aren’t just annoying, they can add to
eye strain.
Ultra Black technology works similar to a moth's eye which naturally absorbs light,
enabling it
to see better at night. By effectively scattering light glare is significantly
reduced so you no longer have to squint your eyes or close the blinds.
You just have to sit back and watch TV.

A half of screen is conventional and half is an Ultra black screen.
Ultra black Screen
Ultra BlackMoth eye structure
Flat Screen
Flat surface

Remastering engine

TV and media technology advances are so fast and
far afield that viewers are faced with formats of

varying specifications on a daily basis. And let’s face
it – some formats are just not
as high resolution as
others. But that’s where the SUHD TV’s remastering
engine steps in.
It will automatically analyze and
remaster any non-SUHD content, improving the
quality to the
highest level possible to take
advantage of your SUHD TV’s capabilities, so you can
enjoy the
images as close to what’s intended by the

A bad quality of screen is getting clearer by remastering engine function.

Precision Black

Movies, TV shows, and games are just a little less
engaging when dark shadows aren’t dark
and the midday sun not at all intense. Precision
Black brings images closer to real life
by dimming
the parts of the screen that should be truly dark,
and keeping bright areas as bright as
they should
be. With this kind of improvement in the apparent
contrast ratio,
you’ll find yourself in the thick of the
action like never before.