FJM, Hydro Unit

FJM, Hydro Unit


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Slim and Compact Design Slim and Compact Design

Slim and Compact Design

At a height of only 135 mm, the Slim 1Way Cassette is the world's thinnest indoor air cooling unit. The compact, lightweight design makes installation and maintenance in your space easier than ever. These high-performing units are so subtle that they can easily blend into interiors of all types and styles.

Quiet Operation Quiet Operation

Quiet Operation

A quiet workplace is not only more comfortable for employees but it also aids productivity. The innovative blade design of our DVM Slim unit reduces noise levels by 30 per cent, so that users can work or relax in a peaceful, stress-free environment. Whether operating on the high- or low-speed setting, this air conditioning unit offers a virtually silent performance, making it quiet as well as discreet.

Lighter Indoor Unit Lighter Indoor Unit

Lighter Indoor Unit

Lighter Indoor Unit

We are the first to utilize innovative ABS cabinets with our indoor units, making them the lightest on the market. The slim, lightweight design means the devices can be installed with ease. This makes them especially convenient in situations where they need to be deployed quickly on a large scale.

Ceiling Dust Prevention

Dirty ceilings are no longer an issue with the Mini 4Way Cassette air conditioning unit. The newly designed panel prevents dust from gathering over long periods of operation. By controlling the direction of the airflow so that it avoids contact with the ceiling, businesses can enjoy cleaner and more elegant work spaces than ever.
Ceiling Dust Prevention Ceiling Dust Prevention

Powerful Airflow

The Slim 1Way Cassette's wide blades create powerful airflow without wasting energy. Removing the need for multiple appliances, the indoor unit delivers cool or warm air at greater distances, making it more efficient for businesses.
Powerful Airflow Powerful Airflow

High Lift-Up Drain Pump

The Slim 1Way Cassette includes an optional high lift-up drain pump. This lifts condensed water up to 750 mm compared with previous 700 mm limits. The increased quantity provides more flexibility over where the unit is installed, offering users greater convenience than ever.
High Lift-Up Drain Pump High Lift-Up Drain Pump

No Overflowing Drain Water

The innovative drain pump check valve prevents drained water from flowing backwards into the drain pan. Minimizing the drain pan's water level in this way means businesses never have to worry about water stagnation or overflows that drip into indoor spaces. The Mini 4Way Cassette provides fresh, clean air without contaminating the room.
No Overflowing Drain Water No Overflowing Drain Water



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