Maximize productivity
in your home

For professionals working from home

Do you work a lot from home lately? Take your office home and maximize productivity with Remote PC access from your Samsung TV

Samsung Knox's patented security will protect your work like the gold reserves in fort Knox

Share screen, double possibilities.

The king of all screens. Your television is the epicenter where PC, phone and tablet are located

Remote access is equipped with Wi-Fi Direct that allows screen sharing between the TV and your PC, phone or tablet.

Your home is the new study center and your television is the new classroom.

There are no schools right now, but that should not stop you from learning. Continue your education through online education with Cloud Docs

You can hand in your documents, work on group projects with your classmates or present your thesis in real time, all from a remote location in your home. You can also take online courses and live lectures on a much larger screen through the web browser, so you don't miss a single detail written on the board.