Get the most out of your summer with the best of Samsung technology

Feb 01. 2017

For those who enjoy the summer at home or at the beach, Samsung enhances the experience of the season with gadgets, equipment and accessories that adapt to every moment.

Panama, February 1, 2017 - Summer is the best time of the year to share with family and friends, and to make plans at home and outdoors. That´s why Samsung, through its differents products, enriches the experiences of this season loved by many.

Plans at home

The Emmy Awards and the Viña del Mar Festival warm the engines this summer and prepare the atmosphere for the grand ceremony of the Oscars, which in this edition will undoubtedly have a lot of color and vibrate to the rhythm of musicals. That's why if You want to enjoy these events in the company of your family and friends at home, Samsung UHD 4K TVs are the best ally thanks to the resolution up to four times greater than in a Full HD TV, which allows you to see the smaller details with a more real color range.

“With 4 times Full HD resolution, viewers will be able to see every detail of the image with such a precise color range that It will make them forget that You are watching TV and You will feel on the red carpet of these awards, "said Junsuk Hwang, manager of Regional product of Audio and Video for Samsung Electronics Latin America.

And to keep the room cool, the Samsung air conditioners can be turned on or off from a Smartphone, thanks to its integrated Smart WiFi technology, offering all the solutions at your fingertips.

Outdoor Entertainment

Another activity to enjoy these days is to exercise outdoors with Gear Fit, the portable trainer with integrated GPS and a heart rate monitor (MFC) that tracks and measures various physical activities ranging from running to riding a bike or climbing, Providing instant training information to the user.

Gear IconX complements the experience during the physical conditioning and in the daily activities. These wireless in-ear hearing aids provide real-time performance information, allow you to listen to music and receive calls without the need to be connected through a cable.

Another frequent plan for summer is to enjoy the beach or the pool. In this sense Samsung Galaxy A provides long hours of use and performance. Its front camera allows you to make the best selfies in high resolution by the optimized approach and Its image stabilization system (OIS) that prevents distortion.

During the holidays, the photos of the trip or the company are highly valued, so a good selfie will always remain to be remembered. With a simple movement of the hand or activating it with a voice command the photo is taken; As well as panoramic autofoto function and its embellishment effects.

Samsung transforms every moment into a enjoyable experience enriching people's lives.

Small ones can also have fun in big

Kids on the other hand will be able to spend hours outdoors or painting, because It does not matter if They dirty their clothes because the Activ Dualwash washers and its Wobble button generates streams that achieve a dynamic and multi-directional washing, preventing wrinkles and thoroughly cleaning the most difficult spots.

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