Samsung - Good Deeds Day international movement - 10th Anniversary

Apr 22. 2016

With the support of Glasswing International, the Korean company hopes this initiative will contribute to its “Corporate Citizen” global policy in Central America and Caribbean countries, where it sponsors a number of programmes such as the well-known Smart School initiative.

Panama City – April 12, 2016 – Samsung Electronics, the world leader in technology, celebrated Goods Deeds Day with 20% of its workforce volunteering in 12 countries in Central America and the Caribbean. The company used this international initiative for promoting volunteer work as way of celebrating its 10th Anniversary this year, as 930,000 volunteers from 70 different countries participated in volunteering in 2015. In line with its Global Citizen values, Samsung Electronics joined in to amplify the Good Deeds Day message: We can all perform a good deed, big or small, as part of a group or individually, that may improve others’ lives and the places we live.

“Samsung Electronics’ participation in Good Deeds Day is intended to create a multiplying effect for volunteer work in the area, improving the situation through the positive contributions of our corporate volunteers in the communities of our countries”, said Nicole Orillac, manager of Corporate Citizenship for Samsung Electronics Latin America.

Samsung Electronics’ Central American and Caribbean teams focused on contributing at the regional level, spending their time creating interactive and educational murals which, apart from showing didactic content related to the innovative use of technology by young people, improve the school environment and enhance educational centres. Children learn more when they are in an inviting environment, as the positive, educational messages from their teachers is transmitted in a more positive manner.

Additionally, Samsung contributors became “Cause Leaders” and mobilised their colleagues to volunteer in other initiatives proposed by foundations in their communities, working on projects such as recycling, animal care, and supporting children who have undergone heart operations, among others.

“The scope of our activities is a reflection of the Corporate Citizen spirit and the will of our volunteers to perform good deeds in their communities. These characteristics encourage others to join in the movement and contribute to organisations in the communities”, added Orillac.

The impact of Good Deeds Day is the result of the global participation of more than 20% of contributors from offices in Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Jamaica, Miami, Nicaragua, Panama, Trinidad and Tobago, Venezuela, and Ecuador as well as from the support of Glasswing International.


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