Large screen and interactive pen: how Samsung created a new category of premium smartphones

Oct 05. 2017

It is expected that, by the end of 2017, over 30 million mobile devices with this profile will have been marketed in Latin America

Large screen and interactive pen: how Samsung created a new category of premium smartphones

Until recently, the smaller the mobile phone was, the higher the owner’s status was. Since 2011, however, this scenario has changed. On that year, Samsung brought to the smartphone market one of its largest innovations, the Galaxy Note. With a much larger display which, at that time, was considered as standard, the new device presented to the consumers the S Pen, an interactive pen that revolutionized the manner how people used their devices, facilitating not only entertainment, but also stimulating the productivity.

A new category of smartphones, then, began to be part of the consumers’ options and, in Latin America, conquered it space. According to IDC – company leader in market intelligence and consultant of information technology and telecom industry - the premium device with large display market grew close to 1,900% between 2011 and 2016 in Latin America. It is expected that, by the end of this year, over 30 million units with this profile will have been marketed to Latin Americans. Currently, Mexico and Panama are the Latin American countries where Samsung sells most the Galaxy Note.

Regarding consumer’s behavior, more than half of the users of the region has preferred to purchase a mobile phone with a large display since 2014. For them, the main uses of these models are the work tools and productivity, as well as the advantage of having a better experience when viewing films and series. In this sense, Latin America has become one of the markets where Samsung sells most smartphones in the world. That year alone when the Note line was launched, the brand sold around 3 million units worldwide.

Evolution of the Note series

Years have gone by and the Note series has evolved. The display was getting even larger and the S Pen increasingly more functional. Galaxy Note8, launched last month, in New York (USA), has innovative features. The device has the largest display among all Note devices, while its slim body makes it comfortable to hold it with just one hand. The 6,3-inch Quad HD + Super AMOLED infinity display allows the user to view more and scroll less the screen. Aside from this, there is even more space to watch videos, to read and to draw – which makes it the category’s best multitasking smartphone.

Furthermore, in accordance with IDC, the large display smartphone market must double its representativeness in Latin America by 2021.

In the next few weeks, the countries of the region will begin to receive the local launches of Galaxy Note8 and Latin American consumers will confirm that Samsung technologies let them do bigger things.