Samsung's innovation and style redefines design

Jun 22. 2017

QLED TV an important piece in the decoration

June 21, 2017 - A new era of design has begun in which each person defines their preferences and lifestyle individually. Samsung designed a TV that relieves the inconvenience of the user, accentuates the essential functions and harmonizes any space.

The new proposal of Samsung, QLED TV, incorporates a style, design, image and functionality in one piece, offering unlimited benefits, which fit any space and taste.

"QLED TV from Samsung marks the beginning of a new era for television. It's stylish, smart and has unparalleled image quality" said Junsuk Hwang, Audio and Video Category Manager for Samsung Electronics Latin America"

The minimalist design of QLED TV allows you to place a TV in the center of a particular space, and watch it from all angles as a piece of art, since the finishing with it provides a unique visual experience. Once the screen is turned on and it reproduces 100% color volume, this TV will become an even more dominant presence in your space.

Wall-mounted televisions had always missed the spaces behind them. QLED TV's “No gap mount” effectively minimizes the space between the wall and the TV, thus creating a modern and elegant effect, making it a picture that mixes with the decor. The frame maintains a very slim profile, and the stand itself is fully inserted into the back of the TV, raising overall the quality of the design.

In addition, QLED TV also has other accessories that will give life to the space in the decoration. With the 'Studio Stand', the TV will look like a piece of art, this classic easel shape allows this TV to express a classic and luxurious aura. While the 'Gravity Stand' is a metallic cone-shaped stand that has a finish similar to a stylish sculpture. Visually it would seem that the television was floating, giving a touch of originality to its decoration.

Samsung's QLED TV is a complete television set, adapts to the current lifestyle and also covers 100% of the entertainment needs of all its users.

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