Samsung QLED TV arrives in Central America and the Caribbean

May 17. 2017

The first television in the world to reproduce 100% color volume, thanks to the new and advanced Quantum Dot technology, was presented in Panama.

Panama, May 17, 2017 - Samsung Electronics Latinoamerica, a leader in innovation and technology, introduced its new line of premium QLED TVs in a regional launch held at the Central Hotel in Panama City, where it reaffirmed its leadership as a number one brand in televisions market and shared with the present the details that make this product unique in its range and that marks the future of entertainment in the home.

"At Samsung, we strive to provide our customers with the best technology to deliver an incomparable television experience with cutting-edge styles, designs and intelligent features that complement their lives. Our TV lines are designed to redefine the category and usher in the beginning of a new era for television", said Seong Hyun Lee, President of Samsung Electronics Latinoamerica.

Providing users with an enhanced experience through unparalleled image quality, lifestyle-focused design and enhanced smart features were the company's goals for exclusivity and innovation with this new TV.

QLED focuses on three key points that are thought to satisfice the needs of its users: Q Picture, Q Smart and Q Style:

Q Picture: Perfect combination of light and color

QLED TV brings quantum dot technology to the next level with advances in light efficiency, stability and a wider color spectrum. With the new quantum metal dots you can recreate an exact color and achieve a color volume of 100% - the highest in the current market, obtaining the accreditation of Verband Deutscher Elektrotechnieker (VDE), one of the largest associations Technical-scientific aspects of Europe.

In addition, the rich and deep black levels of QLED TV and its bold contrast, provide a consistent viewing experience regardless of the lighting of a room, allowing its users to see every one of the details in the images being played.

Q Smart: Raising the Home Entertainment Experience

Smart Hub has been extended to offer an even more intuitive and unified experience, directly through QLED. The improved Samsung One Remote Control now has the ability to link more devices using only a remote control. In addition, with the latest Smart View App, available on Android or iOS devices, users will enjoy their custom Smart Hub.

Q Style: Designed to fit all lifestyles

Samsung wanted to be part of the new lifestyle era this year by introducing new design elements that allow the TV to fit in any home. Two accessories that give users the freedom to put the television where their lifestyle demands it.

The Invisible Connection cable helps to manage cables and clutter with a unique cable system, which allows them to be organized to create a harmonic environment. Users can now design their space with a single optical cable that connects all devices.

On the other hand, the No Gap mount allows the TV to be flush with the wall and the installation process is faster, taking only 15 minutes for that activity.

For those who do not wish to mount their TV on the wall, there is an ideal base for any space, the Gravity Stand allows the TV to rotate easily achieving optimal viewing from any angle. Or also the Studio Stand type tripod offering an artistic design.

Definitely the new QLED TV comes to revolutionize the world, Samsung maintains the first position in market share in the TV industry with 27,5% worldwide and remains strongly committed to the Latin American market. Its Research and Development centers along with the Lifestyle Research Laboratories and Product Innovation Teams continue to work constantly to develop technologies and innovations oriented to this market.

Samsung QLED will be available in the region from May 17.

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