Samsung's virtual reality a tool to improve people's lives

Jul 06. 2017

Gear VR is incorporated into daily life with advantages that extend the experience in areas of health, education and companies.

Samsung allows users incredible experiences in an immersive virtual environment thanks to their lenses Gear VR, which are not limited to entertainment as most people know, but are a tool for the education, medicine and the business areas.

"Creating these virtual reality products Samsung opens new ways of communicating with users and aims to facilitate through innovative experiences ways to help people in diverse disciplines," said Terry Weech, IM Sales Manager of Samsung Latinoamerica.

Samsung introduced the new Galaxy S8 and S8 +, accompanied by a more optimized VR Gear, with remote control for better handling of motion sensors between hand and lenses, also has been careful in the content offered to its users. With an extensive catalog of applications to choose the content, with 360 degree interactive news from BuzzFeed and NowThis, also movies, concerts and sports games.

According to a report published by Nielsen, the virtual reality is the trend of the future, 44% of consumers interested in these devices are young Millennials. It also states that growth will depend not only on the product, but on the content and uses of these devices to reach a wider audience.

Is a fact that the virtual reality is very popular in the world of games, with the Gear VR being one of the best-known devices on the market with 34% over other equipment, according to Nielsen. However, the use of RV extends in other fields in which the advantages in everyday life are explored.

In the area of ​​medicine and health virtual reality is being used by psychology for the treatment of phobias in therapies with patients. The convenience is another contribution of the virtual reality, instead of traveling or making trips for presentations or describing projects, today it has this device to put in place diverse work areas.

For example, the Gear VR is being used to expose social realities and raise awareness of the dimension of a problem, such as the NOG project Plan International and Samsung in Guatemala that performs a tour with VR to show the needs of the childhood.

The virtual reality is used in training to reinforce the studies, since the immersion extends the attention of the students while they are exposed to contents in 360 degrees.

No doubt, there is a vast road to explore and Samsung gives its users the opportunity to experience virtual reality with easy-to-use tools that exceed their expectations. 

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