Spectrum Engineering Recreates Natural Light

Discovering the melanopic spectrum that controls the melatonin hormone

Our solution effectively manages melanopsin sensitivity at a wavelength of 480 nm, playing a critical role in circadian rhythm control

Circadian Lighting Solution



Light For Energetic Moments

Spectrum intensity is maximized during the day to help users be more alert

Melatonin suppression is maximized during daytime by increasing the 480 nm wavelength to enable energetic concentration

Circadian Lighting Solution



Light for Relaxing Moments

Spectrum intensity is minimized at night to help users relax and sleep better

The 480 nm wavelength is lowered to minimize melatonin suppression, leading to deeper sleep and sufficient relaxation

Circadian Lighting Solution

Circadian Lighting Solution

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Product Key Features Efficacy
LM302N Energizing
  • Circadian Lighting Solution
  • Maximization of Melanopic Ratio
  • Decreased Melatonin Levels During Day