The Right Light for the Right Place

Enrich each moment with more energy and well-being

Are you dozing off during the day?

We spend almost 90% of our lives indoors. This means that we’re under artificial lighting for most of our day. If you frequently feel tired or sleepy during the day, your lights may be the cause. Many studies note that lighting is one of the most important factors for people to stay focused and alert. Proper lighting can increase productivity and comfort, decrease the likelihood of accidents, and even save energy.

Samsung Energizing Lighting
Solutions are the answer!

Thanks to Samsung’s advanced spectrum engineering, Energizing Lighting Solutions minimize
melatonin secretion to help you stay awake and channel your focus.

The right light for any
space you are in

Now you can choose the perfect lighting for wherever you are and whatever you do.
Whether you’re at home in the morning, or at work during the day.

  • A refreshing start to a dynamic day

    Jumpstart your day and say farewell to slow and drowsy mornings. Samsung’s energizing solutions effectively suppress melatonin to stimulate mental alertness and physical activity.

  • Enjoy natural
    light indoors

    Energizing solutions can alternately invigorate spaces where you spend all day indoors, such as care facilities. Low CCT warm lighting creates a comfortable atmosphere, while high MEDI boosts vitality during the day.

  • Keep your
    fresh while working

    Now your eyes can feel much less tired, even working long hours under bright lighting. Samsung’s solutions are proven to boost beta waves in your brain, alleviating eye fatigue.

  • Stay focused and motivated while you study

    Success is all about staying focused. Energizing solutions provide light that is conducive to concentration, so that you can perform better academically and protect your eye health.

  • Uplift your exercise routine

    Get the most out of your workouts by mentally zoning in on the muscles you use. With Samsung’s energizing solutions, you can power your movements and be more alert while you’re exercising.

  • More efficiency, fewer mistake

    Avoid accidents during repetitive work and dive in with full focus. Energizing Solutions help your brain concentrate better to boost operational efficiency over long hours by suppressing melatonin.

Each place has its own purpose,
complete it with the right light!

We’ve come to think that higher CCT and higher illuminance are essential factors that increase focus, but it is not always the case. Discover how lighting can make you feel energized and effectively keep you focused.

Clinically proven by leading researchers

Meticulously executed clinical tests proved that Energizing Lighting Solutions successfully suppress melatonin, resulting in higher alertness and focus. Subjects felt less tired and performed better on concentration tests.

Energizing Lighting Solutions

product selection guide detail
Product Key Features Efficacy
  • · Maximization of Melanopic Ratio
  • · 0.76 MDER @ 4000K, 150 mA, 25°C
  • · 0.9 W, 6.1 V 3030 mid power LED
  • · Maximization of Melanopic Ratio
  • · 0.76 MDER @ 4000K, 100 mA, 25°C
  • · 0.9 W, 9.4 V 2835 mid power LED
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