The Right Light for the Right Place

Relax and Refresh
Where You Need,
When You Need It

“Are you truly relaxing?”

Do you find yourself desperately in need of coffee when you wake up in your hotel room? You’re not the only one! There’s even a frequently used term called “the first-night effect” that describes the poor quality of sleep we get in hotel rooms. The space we hope to be the most relaxing is ironically making us more tired.
How can we make our business trips, vacations, and weekend getaways more worth their while?

Samsung Relaxing Lighting
Solutions are the answer!

Thanks to Samsung’s advanced spectrum engineering, the Relaxing Lighting Solution minimizes disruption to melatonin
helping you feel more relaxed and get faster,
better quality sleep even with the lights on.

  • Sleep when
    want to

    Falling asleep in a hotel room can be frustrating, especially when battling jet lag. Relaxing Lighting Solutions reduce the effect of light-induced melatonin suppression to help you fall asleep faster and more easily than conventional lighting. Start the next morning of your trip in your best condition.

  • Nurture Yourself

    Ease your mind and relax your body.
    Relaxing Lighting Solutions can help establish a sense of serenity. Expertly refined light spectrum with various correlated color temperatures ease melatonin secretion so that you can achieve the perfect balance of mind, body and spirit.

  • Let your mind
    escape and refresh

    Relieving stress can be difficult when you’re stuck
    inside. Carefully engineered light spectrums enable
    Relaxing Lighting Solutions to shape a truly calming
    atmosphere for moments of rest. A short break is
    enough to rejuvenate the rest of your day.

  • Make dinnertime more meaningful

    A normal night’s dinner can become intimate, cozy quality time. With Samsung’s Relaxing Lighting Solutions, any luminaire can be perfectly calibrated to create the resting ambiance by assisting melatonin secretion.

What Industry
Experts Say

Many researchers and industry insiders agree that
light has a significant impact on our body.
They discuss the science
behind Samsung’s
Relaxing Lighting Solution and how it can help us
benefit more during resting time.

Clinically proven by leading researchers

Meticulously executed clinical tests proved that Relaxing Lighting Solutions minimizes disruption to melatonin secretion. Subjects felt more relaxed and got faster, better quality sleep.

Relaxing Lighting Solutions

product selection guide detail
Product Key Features Efficacy
  • · Minimization of Melanopic Ratio
  • · 0.58 MDER @ 4000K, 150 mA, 25℃
  • · 0.9 W, 6.1 V 3030 mid power LED
  • · Minimization of Melanopic Ratio
  • · 0.34 MDER @ 2700K, 100 mA, 25℃
  • · 0.9W, 9.4 V 2835 mid power LED