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Even & Efficient Air Conditioner Control

Samsung’s Cassette air conditioner systems provide remarkable coverage, using advanced technology to be exceptionally quiet and energy efficient.

Optimal Airflow for High Ceilings

The 4-way Cassette provides exceptionally even coverage in rooms with high ceilings. The Fan Speed Adjustment function can be used in spaces that are up to 3.5 m high, and the High Ceiling mode accommodates heights of up to 4.6 m.

Samsung Air Conditioner Air Care 4-way Cassette

Stylish & Powerful

The 4-way Cassette (600 x 600) is a dependable and practical air conditioner solution that performs efficiently and comes in a variety of stylish patterns to complement any interior.

Samsung Air Conditioner Air Care The 4-way Cassette(600 * 600)

High Performance in Narrow Spaces

With a compact, slim frame, the 2-way Cassette is perfectly suited to long, slender spaces with limited installation capacity. The system provides powerful and instantaneous cooling and heating performance.

Samsung Air Conditioner Air Care 2-way Cassette

Discover the Cassette Range

Samsung Air Conditioner Cassette Range