55" Quantum Dot UHD Digital Signage Panel

Quantum Dot UHD Signage Screen with HDR+ Functionality 16/7 Usage Embedded Media Player (SoC) - Tizen 3.0 OS
size 55"


With the introduction of its new quantum-dot powered QHH Series QLED Signage, Samsung has elevated the traditional content experience with more lifelike quality guaranteed to deliver an unexpected viewing environment that resonates. The QHH Series displays can showcase more than one billion colors at 100 percent color volume, and produce deep blacks, pristine whites and sharp hues that make any picture pop. And with portrait and landscape configurations available, businesses can customize the displays to meet their unique operational needs and reach the widest audience possible without any added hassle or expense. Through this next-generation presentation, Samsung’s QHH Series displays deliver the enhanced brilliance, detail and realism necessary to cut through the clutter and fuel interactive, ongoing business growth.

An image showing a family looking at a Samsung QHH display unit that is showing clear video footage of an underwater sea-scape.

Samsung’s QLED Signage: Unlock new Growth Opportunities

As businesses seek new ways to attract audiences and improve efficiency in increasingly-crowded environments, many are turning to advanced digital signage as a way to break through the clutter. By integrating quantum dot visual refinement technology, Samsung’s QLED Signage offers these businesses an even greater competitive edge. An immersive high-quality picture creates a more memorable, attractive and buzzworthy customer experience. Beyond their external communication benefits, the QLED Signage displays additionally reinforce business branding through accurate and clean logo and color presentation. Through this diverse host of features, Samsung’s QLED Signage is the perfect addition to generate additional revenue and strengthen customer loyalty.

An image of a QHH display unit showing clear, lifelike images of the scenery visible beyond a window. Under the image are icons with the text that reads: “Differentiation in Technology,” “Differentiation in Visualization” and “Differentiation in Experience.”

Showcase One Billion Colors with Optimal Precision

Through compatibility with a variety of color spectra, the QHH Series displays achieve 100 percent color volume at optimal integrity for one billion different colors. This enhanced presentation brings even the most subtle visual details forward at varying levels of brightness, and fosters more realistic content within any indoor environment. As a result, retailers and other indoor businesses reliant on true-to-life product presentation can better drive purchase intent and improve customer satisfaction.

An image showing a range of colors coming from a 100% color volume RGB  pillar in a powder trail to a  Samsung QHH display. The unit displays detailed colors, as well as accurate and clear images . A magnified image of  RGB stripe is also shown.

Amplify Immersion through Enhanced Brightness and Presentation

The quantum dot integration enables Samsung’s new QLED Signage to balance light and dark brightness (600nit in landscape and 500nit in portrait) and preserve gradation for a presentation that is deeper and more realistic than that offered by conventional alternatives. Through enhanced, semiconductor-based picture refinement technology, the QHH Series displays produce deeper blacks, sharper whites and more precise colors for an eye-catching picture that pops. In turn, businesses in any environment can deliver a truly immersive and captivating viewing experience without worrying about external interference.

An image showing two QHH displays and a woman looking at the screens, which are displaying a work of art. The display on the left shows a bright image while the one on the right shows a dark image, indicating that this new product provides the same brightness, screen quality and vividness levels in all environments.

Deliver any Customer-Facing Content at HDR Quality

The QHH Series displays leverage HDR picture refinement technology to deliver a range of static and motion content as intended and without compromising visual quality. This includes support for both the HDR10 picture presentation standard and HDR+ technology. Through HDR10 compatibility, indoor businesses can guarantee that all featured content meets ultra-HDR guidelines and reaches customers as clearly and brightly as possible. The complementary HDR+ functionality additionally allows businesses to surpass industry limitations by converting standard definition (SDR) content to HDR quality quickly and efficiently. This flexibility grants businesses new opportunities to create high quality, HDR-ready content amplified by sharp contrast, vivid color depth and seamless streaming.

An image comparing a previous Samsung model that supports SDR with  Samsung's QHDR-enabled QHDR display. The image on the left does not show the black and white contrast of a leopard in fine detail, while the image on the right shows an exceptionally detailed image of the same black-and-white leopard. On the upper right, HDR+ and HDR10 icons are displayed, indicating the SDR to HDR upgrade.

Expand Operational Capabilities through the Powerful TIZEN 3.0 OS

Samsung’s QLED displays are the first in its lineup to feature the fifth generation SMART Signage Platform (SSSP 5.0), powered by the versatile TIZEN 3.0 operating system. Within TIZEN 3.0, indoor business users can elevate content with advanced graphics and achieve true UHD playback through a dedicated quad core CPU. TIZEN 3.0’s rigid three-layer security structure also restricts file data access to a limited user base, and perfectly accommodates government, financial and other information-based businesses reliant on information protection.

An image showing a female model and Smart Signage Platform and Tizen 3.0 logos on the left and right of a QHH display. Under the image are icons with text that reads: "UHD Content Playback," "HTML5 Compatibility" and "Smart Signage Secured by Knox."

Captivate Audiences over Long Durations without Interruption

Durable and reliable, Samsung’s QLED displays provide interruption-free long-term performance to meet the operational demands of various indoor settings. As content progresses, these reinforced displays deter burn-in and prevent potential viewer confusion and distraction. Additionally, each QLED display is engineered to maintain consistent color integrity even during periods of extended use. This maintenance-free consistency allows business leaders to focus on other critical growth areas without worrying about content presentation quality.

An image comparing a previous display product with a QHH model. The conventional model does not show accurate, clear images of the flowers and woman shown on the screen. On the conventional device image, on the left, image burn-in occurs after long usage, showing the mixing  of yellows and greens. The  QHH model on the right, however, features accurate color display, with pure yellows even after long usage.

Increase Immersion through a Frameless, Easy-to-Install Design

With a pristine and sophisticated composition, the QHH Series displays add style and ambience to any indoor environment. The displays’ frameless design extends the overall available viewing space while ensuring viewers’ eyes remain focused on the featured content, rather than on the display itself. A no-gap wall mount further enables users to cleanly implement the QHH Series displays, all while eliminating a common source of visual distraction and conserving valuable retail space.

An image of a QHH display unit attached to the wall of a clothing store, airing a commercial. Also, a manified part of the display shows its frameless design and no-gap wall-mount features.

Enliven Commercial Content with UHD Picture Quality

Featuring state-of-the-art UHD picture quality, the QHH Series displays empower users to create and deliver impactful messaging. Each QHH Series display showcases content with four times the ultra-realistic detail and clarity of standard alternatives, with a wider screen offering more space for text and imagery. When combined with performance features, such as portrait mode and extended durability, the next-level presentation makes the QHH Series ideal for any commercial setting.

An image of a QHH unit showing a brillant night view of a city with text that reads: "UHD Samsung QHH SMART Singnage." To its left are UHD and Resolution 3,840*216 icons.
  • Display
    • Diagonal Size 55"
    • Panel Type Edge LED, 120Hz
    • Resolution 3,840 x 2,160
    • Pixel Pitch (HxV, mm) 105 x 315 um
    • Brightness (Typical) Landscape:600nit(peak 1,600nit), Portrait: 500nit (peak 1,000nit)
    • Contrast Ratio 6000
    • Viewing Angle (H/V) 178/178
    • Response Time ‎6ms‎
    • Color Gamut ‎99%(sRGB)‎
    • Glass Haze ‎0%‎
    • H-Scanning Frequency 30 ~ 81kHZ
    • Maximum Pixel Frequency ‎594MHz‎
    • V-Scanning Frequency ‎48 ~ 75HZ‎
    • Dynamic Contrast Ratio Mega
  • Connectivity
    • HDMI In 2
    • DP In Yes
    • USB 2
    • RS232 In Yes
    • RS232 Out Yes
    • RJ45 In Yes
    • RJ45 Out No
    • IR In No
    • HDBaseT In No
    • WiFi Yes
    • Bluetooth Yes
  • Power
    • Power Supply AC100-240V 50/60Hz
    • Power Consumption (On Mode, W) ‎198‎
    • Power Consumption (Sleep Mode, W) ‎0.5‎
  • Dimension
    • Set Dimension (WxHxD, mm) ‎1225.2 x 697.8 x 44‎
    • Package Dimension (WxHxD, mm) ‎1420 x 819 x 170‎
  • Weight
    • Set Weight (kg) ‎17.3‎
    • Package Weight (kg) ‎23.9‎
  • Mechanical Specification
    • VESA Mount (mm) ‎400 x 400‎
    • Bezel Width (mm) Bezel-less Design ( Deco Frame: 2.6mm (T/L/R) / 6.7mm (B) )
    • Frame Material Non-Glossy
  • Operation Conditions
    • Temperature ‎0℃~ 40℃‎
    • Humidity ‎10~80%‎
  • Optional Feature
    • Mount WMN4270SD, WMN-M11E
    • Stand STN-L4655E
  • Eco
    • Energy Efficiency Class N/A
  • Certification and Compliance
    • EMC FCC (USA) Part 15, Subpart B Class ACE (Europe) : EN55022:2006+A1:2007 EN55024:1998+A1:2001+A2:2003VCCI (Japan) : VCCI V-3 /2010.04 Class AKCC/EK (Korea) : Tuner : KN13 / KN20 Tunerless : KN22 / KN24BSMI (Chinese Taiwan) : CNS13438 (ITE EMI) Class A / CNS13439 (AV EMI) / CNS14409 (AV EMS) / CNS14972 (Digital)C-Tick (Australia) : AS/NZS CISPR22:2009CCC(China) :GB9254-2008 GB17625.1-2012GOST(Russia/CIS) : GOST R 51317 Series, GOST 22505-97 EN55022:2006+A1:2007 EN55024:1998+A1:2001+A2:2003
    • Safety CB (Europe) : IEC60950-1/EN60950-1CCC (China) : GB4943.1-2011PSB (Singapore ) : PSB+IEC60950-1NOM (Mexico ) : NOM-001-SCFI-1993IRAM (Argentina ) : IRAM+IEC60950-1SASO (Saudi Arabia ) : SASO+IEC60950-1BIS(India) : IEC60950-1 / IS13252NOM(Mexico) : Tuner : NOM-001-SCFI-1993 Tunerless : NOM-019-SCFI-1998KC(Korea) : K 60950-1EAC(Russia) : EAC+IEC60950-1INMETRO(Brazil) : INMETRO+IEC60950-1BSMI(Chinese Taiwan) : BSMI+IEC60950-1RCM(Australia) : IEC60950-1/AS/NZS 60950-1UL(USA) : cUL60950-1 CSA (Canada) : cULTUV (Germany) : CENEMKO (Norway) : CE

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