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Digging for Magical Mysteries in Art - Part II

Transform an ordinary space into a visual oasis with healing sunset art.

A family, sitting freely on the rocks, is appreciating the beauty of nature while they watch sunset on a distant mountain.

It's easy to get caught up in our everyday lives. In these moments, nature-inspired art can have a relaxing effect on our eyes and souls. One of Mother Nature's greatest masterpieces, the sunset is a uniquely magnificent sight to behold. The low-hanging sun paints the sky with golden hues, and brings a warm and tranquil glow to everything it touches. The sunset may only last for a few fleeting moments a day, but you can enjoy its beauty any time you like, through the artwork of artists who ventured to capture its splendor.

The Frame, Samsung TV on studio stand, is displaying a beach sunset painting by Joseph Mallord William Turner, which goes well with the living room interior and outside sea sunset scenery.

- Margate: The Great Beach with the Pier and Lighthouse and Jarvis's Landing Place at Sunset(c.1829-40),
Joseph Mallord William Turner

On the wall, Nicole Renee Ryan's 'There and Back Again I', shown through The Frame Art Mode, is hanging harmoniously with ocean sunset beyond the window of the living room.

- There and Back Again I(2016), Nicole Renee Ryan

Through the eyes of the beholder

Day after day, the wind and clouds dance with the orange light of the setting sun to produce an unpredictable, celestial landscape. The ethereal, contrasting colors swirling across the sky make the sunset a favorite muse of many artists. Open to endless interpretations at the hands of an artist, sunset art not only offers a depiction of nature, but also a reflection of the emotions of its creator.

“Arts washes away from the soul the dust of
everyday life.”

- Pablo Picasso

Jinseok Lee's artwork, 'Horizon 2' which displayed by Samsung The Frame hanging on the wall of the cozy living room, brings emotional stability.
A woman is taking a break with a cup of coffee sitting on the sofa and Samsung The Frame which is TV with Art Mode is showing an artwork, ' Por do Sol na Lagoa Gaiva' by Araquém Alcântara, and it gives purification of mind.

Bask in the serene glow of the horizon

Have you ever seen the sun's yellow light stretched and reflected across the infinite horizon as it sets? Both breathtaking and healing, it gently reminds us of the vastness of space and time, and can re-center us when we lose our perspective. This may be why so many artists are drawn to the sunset's reflection on the water. Marvel at the sunset mirrored in the waters of Lake Gaiba in South America or in the Norwegian Sea from the beaches of the Lofoten Islands.

The Frame is displaying SERGE RAMELLI's 'The Roof Of Paris' by using Samsung Art Mode.

- The Roof Of Paris(2016), SERGE RAMELLI

A woman is appreciating 'Sunset over Gondolas' artwork by SERGE RAMELLI through Samsung The Frame Art Mode and organizing her thoughts comfortably before writing down her thoughts in notebook.
Samsung The Frame  displaying artwork Paris Street, Rainy Day (1877) by Gustave Caillebotte in Art Store.
Art Store

Curate your own personalized collection with pieces from The Frame's Art Store.


World-famous sunsets

Though the sunset can be seen from anywhere, there are certain places on the globe renowned for their awe-inspiring sunsets. For example, there's nothing quite like seeing Paris, the city of lights, bathed in the warm, yellow and orange glow of golden hour. The rich colors of the sunset make even the most mundane parts of the city appear otherworldly. Some would say that Montparnasse Tower is the best place to see the sunset in Paris, with an unforgettable 360-degree panoramic view of the city.

Or travel to the the coast of the Mediterranean, to the picture-perfect city of Venice. Take a gondola from Piazza San Marco and watch as the setting sun coats the city and sea in a pink haze. Once declared "the most beautiful drawing room in Europe" by Napoleon, the Piazza San Marco in Venice is one of the most famous spots in the world to watch the sunset.

Samsung The Frame  displaying artwork Paris Street, Rainy Day (1877) by Gustave Caillebotte in Art Store.
Art Store

Curate your own personalized collection with pieces from The Frame's Art Store.


“The light constantly changes, and that alters the atmosphere and beauty of things every minute.”

- Claude Monet

There is The Frame hung on the wall of the living room, and it is showing 'Grainstacks in the Morning, Snow Effect' by Claude Monet. And a women is watching and enjoying the monet paintings, impressionism art using the beauty of light at sunset.

The brilliant lights of the sunset

Claude Monet, founder of French Impressionist painting, studied the effects of light by painting the same scenery during various times. The Impressionists were fascinated by the way colors changed when reflecting light at different times of day, especially during the sunset. The sunset's radiance creates picturesque landscapes that inspire countless artists and dreamers looking up at the sky. You can experience this magical inspiration any time of day at home, with a sunset painting from the Art Store displayed right on The Frame.

On the white wall, White Nenuphars(1899) by Claude Monet, shown through Samsung The Frame Art Mode, is hanging harmoniously with peaceful white interior design for the living room.
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* Studio Stand is sold separately.

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